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Copy Trade allows you to copy the trades of any wallet on Solana trading in supported pools or through jupiter.

Introduction to Copy Trading

Copy trading is a feature that automates trading actions by mirroring the trades of experienced traders. This approach is useful for those looking to benefit from the expertise of seasoned traders, automating their own trading to replicate successful strategies.

Activating and Accessing Copy Trading
  • Switch to Advanced Mode: To access copy trading features, ensure the bot is set in Advanced Mode, which unlocks more sophisticated trading functionalities.

  • Accessing the Copy Trading Module: From the main menu, enter the copy trading module where you can view, manage, and monitor all copy trading activities.

Setting Up New Copy Trades

Adding a Trader:

  • Click 'New' to add a wallet whose trades you wish to copy.

  • Tagging and Identification: Assign a tag to the new wallet for easy identification, helping manage multiple strategies or traders.

  • Entering Wallet Address: Input the address of the trader you want to copy, ensuring it is known for valid trading activities and not associated with high-frequency trading bots or snipers, as these can involve tactics that are not replicable or advisable to follow.

Copy Trade Options:

  • Copy Sells: Opt to replicate the sell orders of the target wallet. When enabled, your account will mimic the sell orders proportionally, according to the percentage of holdings sold by the target wallet.

  • AutoSell Integration: Instead of just copying sell orders, consider integrating AutoSell settings to automate your selling based on your own predefined profit targets and risk thresholds. This allows for a more personalized trading strategy while still leveraging insights from the copied trades.

Transaction Parameters:

  • Set Buy and Sell Amounts: Define the amount of capital to allocate for copying the target wallet’s buys and configure how sells should be executed.

  • Gas and Slippage: Adjust the gas fees to improve the timeliness of your copied trades and set slippage parameters to manage the price variation acceptable during trade execution. High gas might be necessary for quicker synchronization, especially when following very active traders.

Managing and Monitoring Copy Trades

Copy Trading Dashboard: This central hub lists all the wallets you’re currently copying, marked with real-time status indicators (Active in green, Paused in orange).

  • Pause/Resume Function: Use the 'Pause All' button to halt all copy trading activities temporarily, or manage individual wallets to pause or resume trading as needed.

  • Adjustments and Deletions: You can edit the settings of each copied wallet or remove them if their trading strategies no longer align with your goals.

Copy Trading Limitations

Be aware that not all trading strategies or wallet types are suitable for copying. Avoid trying to copy wallets known for sniping or using custom trading programs, as these strategies often involve manipulative tactics or require capabilities that are not supported by standard copy trading features.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Common Issues: Address issues like excessive slippage or slow trade execution by adjusting the respective settings. Increase your gas settings for faster execution and modify slippage settings to better reflect market conditions and your risk tolerance.

Regular Performance Reviews: Continuously assess the effectiveness and profitability of the traders you are copying. Remove any traders who consistently underperform or engage in risky trading behaviors that do not meet your investment criteria. Slippage Exceeded: up your slippage settings in your copy trade module.

  • Consider bumping 3-5% at a time until it doesn’t fail.

  • Work back down 1-2% at a time from there.

  • Review and ensure you’re not trying to copy a sniper (see below).

Copy Trade is slow to execute:

  • Check your settings. Is your gas tip high enough? Turbo (.0075) or higher recommended.

  • Ensure you are not attempting to copy a sniper.

    • Use dexscreener to identify when the wallet buys.

    • Go to the token and sort the maker by the wallet you’re trying to copy.

    • If the wallet is among the first 3 seconds, you are likely copying a sniper.

    • This strategy can be extremely unsuccessful.

Copy Trade does not work, troubleshooting:

  • Confirm you’ve activated the copy trade module by clicking ➕Add.

  • Confirm you have the appropriate target wallet set up

  • Review solscan.io to ensure your target wallet is trading in supported pools.

    • Supported pools: Raydium AMM, CLMM, Meteora and Jup Routed Trades.

    • Unsupported pools: Directly through ORCA, or Flux

  • Check solscan.io to ensure you are not copying a sniper or custom program.

    • Open a buy transaction in legacy mode.

    • If you see “Interact with System Program” you cannot copy this wallet.

  • Only copying sells? Review for custom program in a buy tx.

Why can’t I copy a sniper?

  • Proper snipers bots spam 100s to 1000s of txs and cannot be copied.

  • Snipers often leverage custom programs that cannot be copied.

  • IF you find a sniper you can copy, remember you are exit liquidity:

    • they buy first block

    • you buy the top of the sniper candle

    • Sniper dumps massively

    • You sell the absolute bottom.

Why can’t I copy a custom program?

  • we don't support copy trading custom programs, because they can be malicious and fake swaps in order to exploit copy trading bots.

  • it is likely if you’re copying an individual using a custom program to buy, you will copy sells because they are selling directly through a copiable setup.

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