When enabled, Auto Sell will automatically set your specified limit sell orders for any swap or Auto Buy made.

  • Click β€œAdd Order” to add additional orders to your strategy.

  • Set a S/L by using a negative percentage (-XX%) and updating the sell amount to 100% or less.

  • Set a T/P strategy by setting as many limit TP targets as you would like.

  • The Amount column for T/P should add up to only 100%. Structure accordingly.

  • Reply β€œnone” to either prompt to remove an order.

  • Set your slippage for the Auto Sell limit orders.

See an example in the tutorial below.

What do you mean by structure accordingly?

Autosell sets limit orders for your swaps according to the amount of tokens in each buy. As you can only sell as much as you buy you should set your amount column to be below or total 100% for the positive % increases (Take Profit) and the negative % decreases (Stop-loss).

  • See the example in the attached image.

  • Here, the S/L or stop loss (-%) is set to 100%, while the T/P or take profit (+%) totals 100%.

Where can I see my open limit orders?

You can view all open limit orders from the /start screen by clicking "Limit Orders".

How do I close these orders after they are set?

From the "Limit Orders" screen. Leverage the "Close All" button or individually close limit orders with the "Close" button.

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