🐴Using Trojan on Solana

Trojan on Solana is the most feature rich telegram bot on Solana. If you have any questions we haven't answered don't hesitate to join us in our telegram community.

What are the fees for using Trojan?
  • Transactions through Trojan incur a fee of .9% with a referral.

  • The default fee without a referral is 1%.

How are fees deducted?
  • Trojan fees are deducted during the swap routing.

  • Fees are ONLY deducted for successful transactions.

Is Trojan secure?
  • Yes.

  • Private keys are encrypted using industry standard encryption. No one has access to it. Not on our server, database, or stored on a website, etc.

  • Unlike a CEX, users have access to their private keys of Trojan generated trading wallets. You can import your keys to Phantom or SolFlare and have full control over your funds in Trojan at any time

  • Always treat your wallet as a hot wallet.

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