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Can I send tokens to Trojan and sell them?

Yes! You can deposit any asset based on the Solana Network into your Trojan wallet.

I transferred SOL, why don't I see it?


  1. Confirm onchain (solscan.io) that you sent to the correct address and the transaction was successful. If it was and your sol has not arrived contact our team in our telegram chat.

  2. Confirm you are leveraging a proper, official botlink.

  3. If you transferred from a CEX, verify that your transfer has been completed directly from your CEX. Delays are typical.

I bridged funds, where are they?

Bridging takes approximately 18-35 minutes. You can always check your bridge status through the Mayan Bridge Explorer. Simply search with your wallet address.

What are the fees?

Fees on Trojan are .9% with a referral or 1% without. Fees are only paid on successful transactions.

What slippage do you recommend?

Default Setting:

The default slippage setting on Trojan 15%.

Adjusting Slippage:

We recommend adjusting your slippage setting up or down based on your individual trading style. Higher volatility may require higher slippage. While lower volatility with bigger liquidity you can tighten your settings.

Handling Errors:

If you frequently encounter timeouts or transaction failures due to "slippage exceeded", consider increasing your slippage percentage.

Special Considerations for Certain Tokens:

Note that Token22 and SPL22 token extensions may include taxes that affect the required slippage to successfully complete a transaction. Make sure your slippage setting takes these taxes into account.

What is a gas priority fee?

A gas priority fee is paid to the network to prioritize your transaction and result in the fastest execution onchain. Trojan has three options. Preset: Fast - .0015; Turbo - .0075 Custom: Set your own priority fee.

What is MEV Protection?

MEV Protection (JITO Slots) ensure that your transaction will be private and can't be attacked by MEV bots. By leveraging MEV Protection your transaction can't be detected in a mempool to be frontrun.

How to activate MEV Protection:

Go to main menu (type /start) and click on "Settings".

In Settings menu you can enable MEV Protect (Buys) and (Sells) separately.

Note: Approximately only 30% of Validators provide MEV Protected pvt tx (JITO Slots), which is why it can slow down your transaction speed.

Can I snipe with Trojan?

Our sniper is currently going through an extremely small beta testing phase where a select group of users are leveraging and helping to refine the feature. We look forward rolling out our proper sniping function ASAP.

Why can't I get a quote for this token?

Ensure you are leveraging a live token address and not a pool address.

What does Price Impact mean?

Price impact is the estimated impact your buy or sell will have on the price of the token you're intending to buy or sell.

My transaction failed, why?

Failure - Slippage Exceeded: During execution and/or simulation your set slippage % was exceeded. Increase your slippage or leverage the proceed anyway button. If copy trading, update your slippage settings in your copy trade module.

Failure - Insufficient funds for gas: You do not have sufficient SOL to execute the transaction. Check your priority tip settings and ensure you provide enough cushion for your selected priority tip, network and tx fees.

Failed to send transaction (on sell): ensure you have not been blacklisted/frozen (rugged) by checking your token account on solscan.io.

1. Go to your wallet on sol scan

2. then portfolio

3. then find the token you’re looking for

4. click through to the account.

5. Top right see if the account is frozen

What is slippage exceeded?

During execution and/or simulation your set slippage % was exceeded. Increase your slippage or leverage the proceed anyway button. If copy trading, update your slippage settings in your copy trade module.

I can't see my token, where is it?

Check your hidden tokens in settings and unhide the token to see it in your positions and your sell menu. Settings -> Show/Hide Tokens

My copy trade is not copy trading, why?

Copy Trade does not work, troubleshooting:

  • Confirm you’ve activated the copy trade module by clicking

  • Confirm you have the appropriate target wallet set up

  • Review solscan.io to ensure your target wallet is trading in supported pools

    • Supported pools: Raydium AMM, CLMM, Meteora and Jup Routed Trades.

    • Unsupported pools: Directly through ORCA, or Flux

  • Check solscan.io to ensure you are not copying a sniper or custom program.

    • Open a buy transaction in legacy mode.

    • If you see β€œInteract with System Program” you cannot copy this wallet.

    • Only copying sells? Review for custom program in a buy tx.

Why can’t I copy a sniper?
  • Proper snipers bots spam 100s to 1000s of txs and cannot be copied.

  • Snipers often leverage custom programs that cannot be copied.

  • IF you find a sniper you can copy, remember you are exit liquidity:

    • they buy first block

    • you buy the top of the sniper candle

    • Sniper dumps massively.

    • You sell the absolute bottom.

Why can’t I copy a custom program?

We don't support copy trading custom programs, because they can be malicious and fake swaps in order to exploit copy trading bots.

It is likely if you’re copying an individual using a custom program to buy, you will copy sells because they are selling directly through a copiable setup.

I have wSOL how to unwrap?

The easiest way to unwrap wSOL in your wallet is to export your wallet to phantom and simply unwrap in phantom. You can access your private key in Settings -> Wallets -> Export.

How can I cancel my limit orders?

From the /start menu click on the Limit Orders button. You can close individual or all limit orders from this menu.

How can I cancel my DCA orders?

From the /start menu click on the DCA Orders button. You can close individual or all DCA orders from this menu.

How do I export my wallet?

You can access your private key in Settings -> Wallets -> Export. From there you can export to the wallet provider of your choice. Our recommendation is to leverage phantom or solflare.

How do I Import a wallet?

You can import your own wallet via private key in Settings -> Wallets -> Import. Follow the prompts and acknowledge the warnings.

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